Sunday, 7 October 2012

Earth Cafe Manchester

When out shopping I always prefer to eat and drink in a Vegetarian/Vegan Cafe most cafes cant be bothered to cater for me so why should I compromise and end up eating something just because its the only Vegan option available. I've lost count of the number of times I've ended up with a black coffee (which I don't really enjoy) just because a cafe or can't be bothered to stock Soya or some other non dairy milk.

OK I know some of the  bigger chains like Starbucks or Costa do offer an option but I end up getting charged an extra 35p for it, that one really winds me up, also there is no vegan cake or biscuits available :-( and to be truthful there not going to miss the cost of my Soy Latte are they?

Like everyone else there is nothing more I like doing when out shopping is stopping for a nice Latte and a slice of cake, not being the worlds biggest cake eater its nice to occasionally have a slice when out and about, its part of the day for me.

So you can imagine how delighted I was to find The Earth Cafe in Manchester.

I found this place whilst looking for a Yoga class I wanted to try its above the Buddist centre on Turner Street Manchester. Its a lovely little cafe and everything on the menu is vegan as well, a double bonus for me being Vegan.

I only dropped in for a Coffee whilst waiting for a friend and was very impressed by the menu and the interior.

There was a delicious smell of cooking and wish I could have stopped to try the food but as I was in a rush I only had time to sample to carrott cake which was delicious :-) all the cakes are Vegan so that convinced me.
As for the menu there seemed to be a large assortment of curries,chilis and salads as well as some gorgeous looking juices and smoothies etc, I am definetly heading here next time I'm out shopping so will report back on the food.

Even if you're not Vegetarian or Vegan its a nice litte cafe when you want something quick and the service was wonderful.

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