Thursday, 7 June 2012

The great Tofu mystery

As a relatively new vegan (nearly two years this summer )the inevitable oh you eat tofu and lentils only jokes started. This actually inspired me to unravel the great Tofu mystery of why do people rave about this product?

I had been a vegetarian for most of my life before I turned Vegan and had tried tofu once and if I remember rightly I wasn't too impressed I actually think I just bought it and threw it in a salad, well as you can imagine dull and bland and slimy were words which came to mind.

Once I turned vegan and started buying vegan cook books and reading vegan blogs this mysterious thing called Tofu kept popping up if it was so bad why are so many people using it in their cooking?

I realized then I needed to get reacquainted with this substance.I first of all learned I hadn't even been cooking it properly I knew nothing about it's sponge like texture and how it absorbed flavours.

The first thing I ever made was an Onion quiche from Colleen Patrick Goudraus book 'The vegan table' and it was honestly all I ever used to love in a quiche tasty and had a cheesy flavor all this from using Tofu, in fact no one even commented it was made with Tofu I was hooked to this little magic substance.

I learned it is better to freeze your tofu as soon as you get it home and then when you need to use it you just defrost it and squeeze out all the water, tofu really is like a sponge.I find I get most of the water out by placing it on a plate and placing something heavy on top, I use a very heavy Pestle and Mortar.

I was soon making a tofu scramble which is just like a scrambled egg and takes literally minutes to prepare I have now started assembling some of my favorite tofu recipes and will post a few when I have time. I would love to try and blog more frequent but most days by the time I get home do my yoga sessions,make tea, have bath etc it is bed time again I seem to have very little free time in my life :-(

I have also fell in love with silken tofu that is an amazing ingredient used more in desserts.In an earlier blog post I have used silken tofu in the citroen tarts and also the cranberry cheesecake. it has a more softer, silkier appearance than regular tofu but it is so versatile.

I made a wonderful vegan holiday nog over the Christmas period to compensate my love of Baileys I thought I would miss this so much when I turned vegan but I can honestly say my holiday nog tasted better and cost me a quarter of the price to make compared to Baileys so it was definitely a winner for me.

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