Sunday, 13 May 2012

The beautiful Palette of Nice (France)

Having just come back from a week in France I realise how drab and colourless England can be,I know our own green pastures can look great at certain times of the year but on a day to day basis we lack sadly behind our French neighbours for color. I had a day trip into Nice whilst I was away and was immediatly taken back by the pastel palette of color everywhere, no drab house colors here. Hmm wonder what color I could paint my house?

Friday, 11 May 2012

Is it possible for a Vegan to eat well in France

As a Vegan on holiday my first questions are usually Where can I eat and what can I eat, I do like my food :-) I often hear very negative stories about eating as a Vegan in France, of course a lot does depend Where you eat and what you are looking for.

First of all I now have started to book an apartment rather than a hotel when I go away personally I prefer this as I hate being told what time I have to eat breakfast etc, also most hotels don't have non dairy milk etc for breakfast so I usually end up having to buy my own milk etc and I now think if you can't bother catering for me well I can't be bothered to give you my money, it doesn't cost any extra to stock up on soya or almond milk does it?

I was thrilled with my apartment it faced the Sea and it was enormous, every morning I was up at six watching the sunrise from my balcony I then did a yoga session before breakfast, what better way to start the day.

I recently had a week in Menton France, we visited here last year and loved the place so much decided to come back again.We come at this time of year to watch the Tennis at Monte Carlo, Menton is a great base as it is only 20 mins on the bus from Monte Carlo.

The first thing I always do when I go on holiday is google Vegetarian/vegan restraunts once I know where I can eat I am happy, also I prefer to eat in these restraunts, once again if you are catering for me I will give you my money.

We found a wonderful Vegan restraunt in Menton it is called Loving Hut and is one of the vegan chain which is popping up all over the place, I believe there is one in Paris as well. The food is wonderful, it is fresh,colorful, beautifully presented and most of all tasty.

We ate there several evenings enjoying a beautiful Tofu dish infused in lemon grass, I had a wonderful Mousakka and the salads are to die for and don't even mention the gorgeous Citron lemon tart and all 100% Vegan.

It is wonderful to be able to eat everything off a menu.We also found a wonderful wholefood shop in Menton that sold literally everything I could ever need and as we were self catering this was perfect. The thing I love though about France is the abundance of wonderful little green grocer shops,sadly in the UK these seem to be a thing of the past as now all our fruit and veg are in the supermarkets, but here in France all these grocers had wonderful fresh produce piled high it was easy to source wonderful fresh ingrediants to cook with. Along with the beautiful bread shops what more could a person want to eat? So as a Vegan eating in France I would have to give it a thumbs up I had no problem what so ever, my advice though is do your homework beforehand and you wont bewandering round the streets trying to find what you want.

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