Friday, 6 January 2012

Still using up Christmas leftovers

I think we all buy an excess of food over the holiday period and we tend to get left with a lot of stuff, I'm one of those people who think its a sin to throw away food just because we're sick of it apart from it being expensive there are people starving in the world and unless food has gone out of date it should never be thrown away.

Yesterday I had several shallot onions hanging around so I decided to make a shallot tarte tatin which turned out really nice and with some veggies was a nice meal.

I had some puff pastry left over and was wondering what to do with it, I had read somewhere about using up cranberry sauce to make little tarts so I thought I'd give it a go.

I rolled out the pastry and put them into tiny pastry cases I added a spoon of cranberry sauce, a spoon of chutney and covered them with some vegan Mozzarella

A quick 10 minutes in the oven and Voila delicious little cheese and cranberry tartlets which will be ideal for me to take to work with a salad.