Saturday, 17 March 2012

Fruit Vodka

Recenty chatting on twitter about fruit vodkas and liquers prompted me to do a blog poston the subject, as a girl who is partial to an alcoholic tipple this seemed rather appropiate :-)For some strange reason people always say to me oh you're a vegan you can't drink alcohol can you? obviously they don't know me but yes as a vegan i can drink alcohol, ok there is certain wines and beers that I cant but most of the spirits are vegan friendly.

One of my favourite tipples is vodka especially fruit flavoured ones.My dad first got me into making wines and liqueurs as a child we had an allotment and always had huge quantities of berries and fruit so my dad used to make wine out ofthe surplus.I have fond memories of my dad in his shed making his moonshine, sadly my dad passed away 12 years ago but I still have a lot of his recipes.

One of my faves is Strawberry vodka it is so simple and lovely in summer and it only takes a few ingrediants.

1 750ml bottle of vodka, i usually buy a supermarket cheap vodka as it is only used as a base.
575g Strawberries

Rinse,hull and quarter the strawberries and place in glass container with a lid.Add the vodka and agitate the jar.

Store in cool,dark place for 3-7 days swirling daily.

After 3-7 days strain with cheesecloth into original vodka bottle.

Rasberry Vodka is another lovely way to use up your berries.

Fill a large 2 litre kilner jar with 600g Rasberry's add 2-300g of caster Sugar. Fill jar to the top with Vodka.

Put in a cool dark place and gently shake everyday until sugar dissolves.

Leave for a couple of months and then drain through a sieve into sterilised bottles.