Saturday, 10 September 2011

Seasonal cooking

As a family we were brought up eating with the seasons.My dad had an allotment and we always had an abundance of vegetables and fresh fruit, my mum was an amazing cook and could make a meal with whatever my dad brought home.

Sadly I lost my dad 11 years ago but I never pass an allotment without thinking of him.Today was spent gathering my own crop from my much smaller garden my first Bramley apples were brought in and now I have to turn them into something edible.

Looking forward to starting on them tomorrow will blog and add recipes about what I make with them,been stuck with this blog for a long time I didn't quite know which way I wanted it to go, so I've decided its going to be mainly a vegan cooking blogwith bits of travel and gardening.

I also visited my mum this afternoon and she has two amazing plum trees so I gathered a bag of plums and plan to turn them into jam and maybe make a mulled plum crumble, need to come up with loads of ideas as there still are hundreds of plums to gather.

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